Alpine Flowers
in the Ötztal, Austria

22 Jul to 02 Aug 2004.
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I am no authority on plants and flowers.
My thanks to Heather Jennings, who identified the plants from these photos.

Purple Saxifrage


Alpine Toadflax

Flowers violet with a yellow patch on lower lip.
Occasionally pink or whiteish.
Grey-green annual. Mountain habitats, rocks, moraines, screes.


Glacier Crowfoot?

Basal leaves thick, rounded in outline but deeply lobed, stalked; stem leaves few-lobed, unstalked. Flowers large, white becoming pink or purplish-tinted.
Mountain habitats, bare rocky places, moraines, screes, often near late snow patches in June-October. Pinking of ageing flowers is very characteristic.


Alpine Toadflax


Alpine Stonecrop




Bavarian Gentian

Flowers deep blue with a pale blue tube.
Damp mountain meadows above 1800m.


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