East African Safari

Tour dates: 24 Jan to 22 Feb 2007.
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Travel to Ngorongoro

This is a stop we made at a tourist shop on the way.

Here is a view of the hotel across from our lunch stop on the crater rim.
However, our Ngorongoro visit was still one day ahead.

The Serengeti

In the afternoon we travelled on to the vast plains of the Serengeti.
Here a view from a rocky outcrop that one may climb on foot.

We were lucky in our game viewing.
This is a Serval - quite a rare sight.

Giraffes are common, but still entertaining.

That evening we saw a leopard.
(The second time I have seen a leopard in eight visits to Africa)

We camped out overnight and the, the following morning...
...another leopard.

A Steinbuck

Lilac-breasted Roller.

Lillian's Lovebirds

A Hyrax

Dwarf Mongooses
(Baby and mother)


And a third leopard!

Olduvai Gorge

A fascinating visit. The museum was very interesting and it feels good to have visited such a well-known place.

Ngorongoro Crater

The visit will be tomorrow...
...but here we are gathering firewood for a cold night camping on the crater rim.

In the morning as we descended into the crater...
...a pair of Cheetahs traversed the hillside by the road.

Flamingoes in the Crater Lake

A Jackal

A mother Hyena with her two cubs

A pride of Lions looking for breakfast

(I think we didn't look too appetising)

Two males do a bit of territorial marking
Wonderful having access to all this automation of the task!

Breakfast - a herd of Wildebeest...
..who promptly decided the time for the Migration had arrived.

A hippo by the Crater Lake

A Kori Bustard - who seems to be looking for a mate

Mother Zebra and foal

Elephant, with fine tusks, striding past the parked vehicles.

Some Hippos in a small lake

Ngorongoro is a wonderful place.
But that does mean that everyone wants to go there.

A final view of the crater.
Taken as we drove out.

Most of our party

Anthony, Gordon, Aaron, Mike
Amber, Emma, Chris, Ryan
Frederik, Stuart, Sarah, Erin, Katie
Joan, Victoria, Holle

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