Hut to hut in the Venediger Alps

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23 July

There was a huge amount of work taking place outside the hut, but the interior was exactly as I remembered it on a visit that Joan and I made in 1987.

Compare my 2013 and 1987 photos.

As we returned to the valley a helicopter passed back and forth above us carrying building materials. As we passed the Falls we had another set of photos taken!

Rather than stop in Hinterbichl we continued upwards through farm fields to Bichl where we found some accommodation in a farmhouse run by a very pleasant lady with whom Rosemarie had a series of chats. (I managed to follow the odd phrase here and there) Although Bichl is little more than a hamlet it does have a restaurant just opposite the house we stayed in.

24 July

Our destination for the day was the Nilljochhütte. It is a private hut so we had taken good care to book ahead by phone.

When we reached the Nilljochhütte it turned out to be brand new, very elegantly fitted-out and in a perfect situation on a short ridge jutting out from the hillside.

The food and service were excellent too!

It seemed almost too good to be true. Despite our temptation to hide it for ourselves on a possible future visit, we had better give you the details. They surely need to recoup their huge investment - and they richly deserve to do so!

25 July

In the morning we retraced part of yesterday's route on the way to the Timmeltal.
(Passing an unlikely miniature lake packed with trout!)

The Eisseehütte is a private hut, without a phone service. Happily there was room for us.

Just how I think-of as an "alpine hut".

Dining room.

Double rainbow outside.

26 July

Next morning we headed off along a high-level route, initially above the Timmeltal. It was a well-made path across a steepish slope.
Click here for an extra sequence of photos over water.

Odd bits of it were quite steep.
Near here a single Chamois crossed out path heading directly down the fall-line!

I am happy with rocky paths at any angle up to the vertical.
The zig-zags in the photo are really steep and were made of what looked and behaved like loose earth!

Once past the zig-zags the path became relatively cosy.
It led to a steep descent where, suddenly, the place filled with people.

27 July

After another night at the Nilljochhütte our tour was, sadly, over.
We set off down through the agricultural levels.

Now, almost back in everyday life, we had a couple of waits for buses.
One in Pragraten.

The other in a posh hotel garden at Matrei.
Pleasant, but we were sad to be going home.

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