When we first arrived in Munich I asked Rosemarie what we ought to do and, to my surprise, she said "Let's take the underground to the Munich Oktoberfest site". This came as a surprise since it did not sound a very likely destination for Rosemarie! When we got there, we came up from the underground station to find a vast building site sealed-off with fences: they were hard at work preparing the whole site for the beer festival in October. It was only then that she began to explain. We walked a little way and she pointed out a huge statue scarcely visible in the middle of the area being rebuilt. Apparently, when she was a little girl she visited the site with her parents and saw the "Bavaria" statue in the middle of the Bierfest site.

She had very much wanted to go inside the statue and up the internal staircase to the viewing platform in the head of the statue. Sadly she had not been allowed this treat as a child and now, almost 70 years later, she had been using our Munich trip to realise her ambition. The area was now sealed-off for the Oktoberfest preparations, so we could not visit the statue. So - a very sad second disappointment!

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