Malawi 1999 - Set 3/3

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Nkhata Bay

One of the big towns of the region.
Simple, but bustling with life.

There were lots of cheap hotels and beach resorts aimed at back-packers.

And some up-market ones too!

This was our hut at Chikale Bay.
(Two sets of rooms in each hut)

This is the beach at Chikale Bay.

And this is the well-trodden road in to Nkhata Bay.

Mphatso & James Sulamoyo

They sold us a table with tripod legs carved from a single piece of timber.

The table, made by James, in use back in the UK.

In this part of the world, postcards are hand-made.

There is batik work for sale.

Hairdressers in town are happy to plait your hair.
This is Amanda having her hair done.


Pulling in the net.
This is on the beach in front of our huts.

Looking at the catch.

And the (modest) catch.

Makuzi Beach

An attractive overnight stop.

Praying mantis

A lunchtime visitor at Makuzi Beach.

Weaver bird

Weaver bird at nest on Makuzi Beach.


Girls from a fishing village close to Makuzi Beach.

Bridge destroyed!

On our way to Nkhotakota a bridge across a wide sandy river had been destroyed by floods.

A ford was being constructed of stones in wire mesh containers.

We had to wait for an hour or so until some work in hand was finished.

One of the roadworkers had the most magnificently tenuous shirt I have ever seen.

Njobu Safari Lodge

We visited some quiet creeks and rivers, full of plant and bird life.
I would have liked to spend more time here.

The way there and back passed some attractive scenes.
(There were also hippo to be seen)

Going home

Lilongwe International Airport holds a personal record for me.

It was the first time I had ever seen the apron of an international airport with no planes on it! (It is a model plane in the foreground)

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