A Camel trek in Sinai

Tour dates: 6 Feb to 13 Feb 2006.
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Setting off

Zimmy plans the route

The baggage is loaded

The journey starts with a quick call at Suleiman's house

We toil up the first mountain.
Followed (unwillingly) by the baggage camels.

As we get higher we can look back at base camp

Around us are the first bustans (walled gardens)

Some of the trees have white reflective bark

The scenery is spectacular

Here and there trees thrive amongst rocky soil

We halt for lunch

Then continue through strange scenery to our destination

First Camp

We approach an area of many bustans

Our camp is to be on the fringe of them

We have the use of a stone built hut...

...which clings to a hillside

Our camels are tethered nearby

They get their evening meal

Suleiman cooks our dinner under a cloud of smoke...

...but actually he uses a big gas cylinder to cook

We sit around the fire,
keeping below smoke level

First walking day

This starts with breakfast.
Cooked by Suleiman

Three of us set off
Guided by Suleiman

As we gain height we look back over our route

Then turn to finish this climb

The weather is cold and windy
There is a lot of cloud cover blocking the sunlight

The locals have marked the route well

The day continues cold and bleak

When we find ice, it is not melting

Along the way are many uninhabited caves

Inside them you can see how the owners
had worked to keep the wind at bay

Later, after a steep scrambling ascent and descent (no photos)
we had lunch in a semi-sheltered spot

Then we continued our walk

The scenery was still spectacular

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