A Camel trek in Sinai

Tour dates: 6 Feb to 13 Feb 2006.
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Second Camp

Our final descent was steep and fairly long
Then, as the ground levelled, we saw our next camp

It was a very long narrow building

To one side of it was a cave-dwelling

The resident donkeys regarded it all as their own property

Our camels had no opinion in the matter,
just so long as they got their dinner

Second walking day

This dawned bright and clear
(View from my sleeping bag, covered in ice crystals)

I had spent the night near the cave-dwelling

The others slept in the long building

The camels had their own bivouac

Our last day produced pleasant sunny walking
At one point we walked to the
intended site of an Egyptian presidential retreat

This would have had very spectacular views. See below...

Night at base

By the end of the day we had made our way to
Sheik Mousa base camp

We arrived in time to enjoy the last of the afternoon sun

St Katherine's Monastery

The next day we set off back to Sharm el Sheik.
First we had a quick look at St Katherine's Monastery.

Mount Musa (Moses) lies behind it.
In front is a view across the valley.

Ras Mohammed National Park

This lies quite close to Sharm el Sheik.
It is a "no building" area

The park has a spectacular entry gate

One gets shown the mangroves

An earthquake artifact

And some bathing beaches.
However, the real attraction is some truly excellent snorkelling sites.
Sadly I did not have an underwater camera, but I can say the underwater sights were wonderful.

Back in Sharm el Sheik

Our hotel did have some entertainments after dinner

In the town there is plenty of cafe life and shopping after dark.

Glass-bottomed boat

While waiting for the afternoon flight home we took a ride
in a glass-bottomed boat.

Not in the same league as the snorkelling

But a pleasant way to spend a morning..

...watching fish

Sharm el Sheik and the hotel

The trip did give us a view of Nama Bay from the sea

And I did take the traditional "view from our room" photo!

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