Vietnam and Cambodia

13 Feb - 12 Mar 2010

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22 Feb - Hoi An

This is a town where tourists are very prominent.
Even so, it is a fully functional town.

Like all Vietnamese towns there are well-kept temples.

These all have an overpowering smell of incense.
The incense coils are sponsored by local business.

There are many shops to serve the "tourist shopper".
Here, some exquisite embroidered pictures are being stitched.

Elsewhere one-person businesses survive.
A rickshaw man stops at a food stall.

The waterfront serves both locals and tourists.

An attractive town.

Here is a view of the courtyard in our hotel.
And a view to the rear.

23 Feb

We took a coach ride to Mo Song to look at temple ruins, but stopped to watch a local Dragon Boat race.
Then we went on to see first Hindu dancing, then the ruins.

On our return journey we stopped to see rice waffles being made,

On the river, catching fish by net throwing is spectacular.
Then comes the "tourist bonus".

Maybe the bright red net is for catching camera-bearing tourists?

On land the tourist trade continues.
After dark the bars and restaurants do good trade.

Across the river, lampshade-sellers are busy.

24 Feb - drive to Kon Tum

Stopped at something like a transport cafe on route.

Soon after lunch we stopped for a short walk, beginning
by crossing a suspension bridge across a river.

Journeys in Vietnam are always an opportunity to watch the antics of motor cyclists.

25 Feb - Kon Tum

Today we did a little walking.
It was interesting to see how people were living in the rural villages.

The centre-piece of many villages is a very tall meeting-house.

We finished our walk beside the river.
From there a fleet of small dugouts took us back to the start.

26 Feb - travel to Lak Lake

The main road ran though rural areas.

Once established at Lak Lake we had an evening's entertainment.
Tasting the local brew and music by hitting stones hung from poles.

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