25 days in China

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Chinese hotel room

The beds could have been anywhere in China.
The frosted glass window to the bathroom is unusual!

Cliff sculptures at Baoding Shan

These are in a vast natural rock bay with steep sides.
Just about all of it has been sculpted.

Subjects range from what might happen to the wicked to...
..a happily-dozing giant Buddha.

The viewing areas are being kept in good repair.
Most of the visitors are local people.

Some of the work practices might look a little odd to us.
They operate very well

Here is a photo of our own treasure..
..our tour leader, Tracy.

A view of the reclining Buddha from above..
..and a building in the grounds.

Chongging and the Yangtse

We viewed the river from a high viewpoint then went to an exhibition of the Three Gorges Project.
An artist there had a fine Wisteria painting for sale, but sadly our house would have no wallspace for it.

We had a walk around the main square then, after a strange dinner with food dipped in hot water at the table, we got aboard our boat and commenced our river journey.

Yangtse and the Three Gorges Project

In the morning we made our first visit from the boat.
I never got used to the marching phalanx of people that such visits entailed.

Here we troop through the "Tourist Attraction".
This is the Temple of Fengdu, with its mix of old and freshly-manufactured antiquities.

Some of the smaller staues looked a little bloodthirsty.

We liked the friendly people and their slightly-chaotic English translations.
Less-appealing was the industrial-scale tourism.

Side-journey on the Shennong Stream

We transferred to a smaller boat for a journey up the Shennong Stream
The bridges over it are impressive.

More intriguing was a coffin placed long ago.
It was high on the cliff and very hard of access!

We could see local people working hard on the banks of the now-flooded gorge.
It was a more interesting place before it was flooded. I can heartily recommend that you view a tourist video made in 2002.

Back to the main river

It was fascinating to see coal being mined in the banks.

We went down through the giant locks during the night.
This is the view on foot the following day.

The huge dam is most impressive.
The surroundings are yet another "Tourist Attraction"

Yi Chang

We spent time in Yi Chang while we were waiting for a flight to Shanghai later in the day.
Here watching kites being flow on the riverside.


The morning view from our room was not beautiful...

...but parts of the Jade Buddha Temple are.

Again I was fascinated by the mix of ancient and modern

There was much else to see too!

The Museum

The Museum could easily have its own website.
I was particularly fascinated by what looked like the inspiration of the cover artist for some of Terry Pratchett's books.

The buildings across the road formed a real contrast to the museum contents.

The Old Town

This set me off photographing the takeaway food shops.

...and some of their customers.

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