25 days in China

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The shops stocked different things from the UK

We entered the old gardens.
The background was a contrast!

Inside the gardens were atractive.

People and cats were friendly

The Bund

This is a riverside walk

The view across the river looks like a film set of the future.

Our hotel was more modest.


This is an old canal-lined town.
It has now become a tourist resort.

Nearly every building is now a shop.

The town still looks very pretty.

By boat towards Suzhou

First the industrial area.
Then the high blocks of flats.


For several days now, Joan had been very weak.
A diagnosis of Pneumonia was made and quickly she was admitted to hospital.

The hospital was most efficient and the staff kind and diligent.
After a few days Joan was clearly improving.

We began to take more interest in the surroundings.
A bowl of soup containing a complete dead bird is not necessarily to British tastes.
It is certainly interesting though!

Between treatments we had a view of the outside world.
In the forground, a field being covered in piling.
Further away, a public park nearing completion.

We had excellent accomodation.
A sofa-bed allowed me to stay with Joan on a 24hr basis.

Food was good.
A dead fish in the soup today.

Breakfast was interesting - presumably real local food.
Some heavily cooked rice, sponge cake, dumplings, yoghourt.

We had actually been put in the VIP suite.
There was a room with a conference table nearby.

On the 8th day I was allowed to take Joan to a park across the road.
The 9th day was discharge from hospital and an epic journey by taxi and plane to Beijing.


We needed one whole day to get over our travelling.
Happily the next day was sunny and we visited the Great Wall.

I walked two directions along it.
Joan just one direction.

Then back down to the valley.

Olympic Stadium

Just a short visit.
I liked the lamp posts and the vast highway tucked underneath the walkway.

The end

That was our holiday over.
Odd but interesting. No harm done!

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