Hut to hut in the Hohe Tauern
(Ankogel Group)

Tour dates: 09 to 18 July 2009.
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First day

Here we are at the Pflüglhof bus stop, just about to set off on the path to the left.
The bus has just turned and departed.

The path is narrow and overgrown.
One gets the feeling it sees little use.

Scenery is river and woodland.
Some waterfalls too.

Peter crossing the river.
The first three steps were awkward!

There was a "Bee education" area where the path is close to the toll road.
Some of the items were good.

Here you can open the hive and look at the bees through a glass window.

Later, there is a covered bridge, which spans the river in a spectacular way.

There were lots of flowers along the paths.
I have included a few photos of the more unusual ones.

We stopped at an alm that served food and drink.
(One of us ate a mushroom omelette)

See more mushrooms being eaten

Second day

After a night at the Almraucher Hütte we did not try to cross the river by this bridge.
The last part was missing.

Here we have just climbed up on to the dam of the Vorspeicher Galgenbichl.
(Steep path on rounded slippery wooden steps)

Despite the "Path closed" signs lower in the valley, we were now able to follow the path on the W side of the Vorspeicher Galgenbichl.

The path was somewhat overgrown, but fun to walk on.
There were even a few fixed ropes in good state of repair.

The path led to the foot of the Hauptspeicher Kölnbrein dam - a massive 200m high affair.
As we climbed past it, there were people bungee jumping from it.

Having climbed up to the dam, we walked on past it.
The reservoir is big: it takes 2hrs to walk past it to the Osnabrücker HÜtte.

Find out more about this reservoir

These are the goats we met along the route.
One managed to eascape through a gate. Luckily we managed to catch it again!

The Osnabrücker Hütte

This is the first priority on getting your Matratzenlager place.
Have a rest!

After a night of rest...

Eaten in close the company of the Hut Cat.
(On the cushion on the window sill)

And here are some of the human occupants of the hut.

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