Hut to hut in the Hohe Tauern
(Ankogel Group)

Tour dates: 09 to 18 July 2009.
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Fourth day ...continued

The final approach to the Kattowitzer was slow.
The path alternated between boulder fields and bogs.

Kattowitzer Hütte

It is poised in the middle of a huge open space.
Mostly it is traditional in layout and fittings.

However, like most huts these days, it has a water turbine for power.
(On easy view from the hut windows)

Traditional style Matratzenlager

Kachelofen for heating.
(Popular - even when electic heaters are available)

Toothpicks provided with the meal.
(She meant to sprinkle salt on the food!)

Fifth day

Setting off to read a book in the sunshine.
Somebody else borrowed the rucksack.

The sheep here like resting on snowfields.
(Less sharp than the boulders?)

Plenty of wild flowers.

Seventh day

The sixth day was spent travelling.
On the "Tourist summit" of the Goldeck - access by seilbahn.

Looking back as we leave the summit.
Path ahead goes down to the Goldeckhütte.


Looking down from nearby ridge.

The tiny Matratzenlager (9 persons)...
...and the very modern stairway to it.

Lazing on the hillside above the hut.

Some local wildlife.
There were lots of the green beetles.

Traditional meal.
Meat and egg loaf with bean salad.

Eighth day

We had a good walk in the morning.
The photo is the view at the end of that walk.


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