Hut to hut in the Hohe Tauern
(Ankogel Group)

Tour dates: 09 to 18 July 2009.
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Third day

We were heading for the Hannoverhaus.
The initial walk up the valley leads to a cliff with this waterfall.

One ascends the bank on the right.
Mostly good - like this. Also a few crumbly places.

Higher, above the vegetation line, we had a couple of snowfields to cross.
The first one, shown here, was OK. A higher one caused problems, as described in the Diary page.

After the second snowfield we still had to reach the scharte {col}.
These snowfields were longer than our rope - and we only had one ice axe.
(Can you see two people coming down the snow above the debris?)

So, we turned round and went back down.
This was the view as we got back to the first vegetation.

Fourth day

Here we are leaving the Osnabrücker HÜtte
We were heading for the Kattowitzer Hütte.

The reservoir water was placid.

Less placid was this rock on the road.
It had fallen there since we last passed this way.

There was snow alongside the road...
...but none actually on it.

On the way we passed this attractive little building.
It is a memorial for the 40-odd people who died while building the dam.

Once we were past the dam, the path became small and erratic.
Joan looks happier on the snowy bits.

There were a few small streams to cross...
...and one slightly bigger one.

Just a little snow...
...and an easy rocky ridge with plentiful fixed ropes.

Once past the ridge, the climbing stopped.
The first part of the traverse to the Kattowitzer was easy.

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