South Africa & Mozambique 2013

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Near Port Elizabeth

We visited a "Cat sanctuary" on the R75 to the NW of Port Elizabeth.
Amongst other cats they had this very tame Cheetah.

Karoo Desert

Some typical vegetation.

Graf Reinet

Our pretty hotel room....
....and the sight greeting us after a supermarket shopping trip, during which a thunderstom occurred. So much for "desert conditions"!

In the foyer of the supermarket we came across the following advertisment.
We have never seen anything like it in a UK supermarket!

Passage of time

I took a photo of a typical 2013 road.
Pass the mouse ponter over it to see a typical 1960 road.
Or click on it to get a larger photo.


Shades of 1960!

The charming rondavel in which we stayed.

The interior
The roof

Going to see some Bushman paintings.
Our guide John and Joan on the path.

John shows us some of the paintings

Starting back

Gaining height again!

Looking back
Marvellous scenery!

Joan and John looking at the garden of a local rondavel.
Joan walks back towards our camp.

In the afternoon John takes me canyon-walking

Our target....
...a waterfall

Our last morning in Lesotho.


Spectacular cliffs.
The Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

More cliffs
and some wildlife.

Scenes in our attractive suite of rooms.

Bevan and Rob preparing dinner in our common room.

Preparing for a walk in the Amphitheatre.
Some Baboons by our path.

The "Policeman's helmet"
Crossing the river at the head of the path.

Rourke's Drift

Memorial for the Dead Zulus at the battlefield.

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