South Africa & Mozambique 2013

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Kruger Park

There was plenty of wildlife to see.

All shapes and sizes.

They all seemed to be enjoying eachother's company.

Indeed relaxed to the point of going to sleep ine the road!

Sometimes requiring quite careful viewing.

Some with quaint expressions.

Others keen to do a bit of tourist-viewing.

Some are the mainstay of tourist entertainment.

Other more modest....
...but very elegant.

Some unusual sights.
You don't oftern see young Hyenas dozing by the roadside.

And definitely seeing Wild Dogs starting a search for quarry along the road.
My first sighting of Wild Dogs in about two dozen game park visits!

Am I including too many Zebra photos?
They do look good!

The bids look good too.
(Ground Hornbills and a Carmine Bee-eater)

The mandatory Lion photos.

Blyde River

Our last night was spent at Graskop.
Nearby are the Bourke's Luck Potholes.

Spectacular - and enjoyable to walk around.

This viewpoint is called "God's Window".

And, on the opposite side of Graskop are found the
Mac Mac Falls.

Places of beauty...
...and contentment.

Pilgrim's Rest

Our final port of call.
And the same for some other people!

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Comments on the tour

This was only our second tour with Exodus, but both have been above average in quality. This one was especially so. The programme showed some real imagination in choosing the routes and visits. There was plenty of variety and change of pace which kept the whole three weeks interesting. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the accomodation which oscillated between comfortable camping, elegant lodges, capable if off-beat hotels, homely and comfortable hotels and even, in one case, a modern and well-equipped bugalow!

The three people running the tour were all superb. Endlessly helpful, friendly and hard-working. They made this trip a real joy.

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