South Africa & Mozambique 2013

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Hlane Game Park - Swaziland

This campsite had the thickest and springiest turf that I have ever seen!

It also had some small wildlife.

Hlane had a very large number of rhinos.
It is possible to walk among them in reasonable safety: it seems that is becoming common now, rather like the earlier change in perception of Mountain Gorillas.

Even so I was a little startled, while photographing this Tree Frog, to look up and see the Rhino in the photo walking past!

The Rhinos were certainly relaxed with humans.

Also there was one Giraffe which liked to have its photo taken.


Impala deserve to have their photos taken more often,
They are graceful animals.

Elephants generally get photographed a lot.

I think they like posing for the camera.

On the second morning Joan went off for some Big Game viewing.

I opted for the Game Walk.
Our quarry was the more peaceful subjects.


and suchlike.


Soon after entering the country we had a breakdown.
An unusual one: inlet manifold sheared-off.

We were able to continue - but slowly.
We reached Maputo and used the ferry to cross to our hotel.

Our hotel was dated but comfortable.

It had some delightful features.
e.g. A pier with the Breakfast Room at the end.

Next morning we crossed back over the ferry.

We admired the architecture of the old railway station.

We also looked round the market.
(Quiet so early on a Sunday morning)

Meanwhile a replacement vehicle had been found and loaded.
We packed in like Sardines in a tin.

It got us to our next camp on the beach.
We were a bit creased in places!

The following day spent on the beach helped a lot...
...and our mended truck arrived late that evening.

Next morning we travelled back through Maputo to South Africa again.
By evening we had reached the Kruger Park.

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