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Tour dates: 18 Feb to 6 Mar 2005.
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These are everywhere in the game parks.
The locals call them "tiger food".

Only the males have antlers.

The antlers are quite large.

The females have nice faces.

And so do the young.

Although kitted-out in camouflage they are still easy to see.

They are often seen in the company of Langurs.

It is said that the combined guard is good.

Links with Peacocks seem less favoured.

Cheetal are very much part of the atmosphere.



Much less in evidence, but still around.



Lots of them.
Not wild ones.

Working elephants in the care of mahouts.

Who feed them with a sort of bread.

Baked in a special kitchen.

The elephants are cared for.

And are popular with people.



These can be seen from time to time.

Grazing peacefully in the woods.

They are big.


Indian Gazelles

More elegant and graceful than the Cheetal but less common.



We were lucky to find these three running around near a road.

They ran past quite close to us.



At least, I think that is what they are.
Lots of them living in a colony of individual burrows.


Jungle cat

Quiet and secretive.



Sitting around in trees.

Sometimes in the road.

These had haloes as the sun shone through their hair.

And these ones had taken over the road on the day we were very late leaving the park.

There are a lot of them in villages and around temples.
Like this one at Ranthambore.



A bit less common than the Langurs.



Small shy creatures.

This one was unusual in crossing the road near us.



Only the males have horns.

They seem at home in water.

They need to stay cautious.


Three-striped Palm Squirrels

Pretty little creatures.

Not too worried by people.

They spend a surprising amount of time on the ground.

Really they live in trees, like our own UK squirrels.



Certainly present.
Although not charismatic.



Also, not exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Wild Pigs


But cheerful enough.


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