Namibia and Botswana  

21 Sep to 12 Oct 2002
"Wildlife, Delta and Dunes"

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The Okavango delta

From Maun we flew into the delta by light aircraft
Here are the flooded areas and the low-lying salt crusted islands.


Here we travel from the landing strip by speedboat.
We covered quite a generous distance along an open channel.


Then we disembarked and wandered through some trees to get into our first mokoro


We travelled two to a mokoro
with a "Poler" to power us


It was an attractive journey


Eventually we arrived at a low-lying island, marked by trees


The final approach was better described as "damp", rather than "flooded"


Here is our camp, lurking behind the camera in the previous photo


In the damp meadows beside it, Lechwe were grazing


We stayed at the camp for three nights and went on several walks though the surrounding territory


We didn't see a huge amount of game, but things like these elephant tracks convinced us we were not alone!


On our last evening the Polers put on a show of dancing and singing for us.
Afterwards, Joe's replay of the show on a video camera was a star hit with the Polers!


Finally it was time to leave and we set off and retraced our journey back to Maun


Namib Naukluft Park

Our journey on from Maun took us to Windhoek, where we had some repairs to the lorry and then we travelled on to a campsite in the middle of the Namib Naukluft Park

There we climbed the sand dune known as "Dune 49" ....


Which has attractive surroundings by daylight ....


and can display some fine sunsets



Sossusvlei lies nearby in the Namib Naukluft Park
There are impressive large dry "pans"


They are big when one walks through them
Keep your eye on that track leading up to the starting ridge of that sand dune on the right


Here you are looking back down that same path. Note the group still down at the level of the pan.
We did not have time, but following the sand ridge would have eventually taken us to the top of the worlds highest sand dune.


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