Namibia and Botswana  

21 Sep to 12 Oct 2002
"Wildlife, Delta and Dunes"

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As you head North from the Sossusvlei area, there are some large open areas like this.


Further North of here one finds the famous Welwitschia plants growing.
These have only two leaves, they grow very slowly indeed and a plant can exceed 1000 years in age.


Nearby is a lonely campsite, where we spent the night.
However, you can see we came well prepared.



There is a lot to do in Swakopmund. Joan and I settled for a flight over the sand dunes.
Here we are being photographed. The wife of a man in our plane was in the photographed one!


On our way we photographed the campsite where we had stayed two nights before.
A challenge for the rest of the group: identify the two trees we camped under.


This is Dune 49 again, but photographed from a different angle!


Further across the dunes we swooped down over some abandoned diamond mines: half-buried in the sand


Nearer the coast there were shipwrecks.
This one is now some distance inland.


While we had been cruising gently around in the sky, Jeanette had been elsewhere and is here losing height a lot faster than we did!


Cape Cross Seal Colony

If you travel North from Swakopmund along the coast you come to Cape Cross Seal Colony.


This a colony of Cape Fur Seals. On this coast live 200,000 to 300,000 seals.


So also, live a few jackals who live by scavenging on the colonies.


However they are not exactly decimating the seals!


I am glad I am not a seal and have to live at Cape Cross.



This is an area where there exist large numbers of Bushman paintings and engravings.


If you look very carefully, you will see a group of people looking at the Bushman painting in the last photo.


As well as paintings there are "engravings" chipped out on the surface of the rocks.


This photo gives some idea of the scale of the designs.


The countryside in this area is very attractive.


There are some very strange rocks in the area.
This is a well-known one.


Although wildlife was not our main target, there were a lot of attractive-looking lizards around.


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